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"Rustic Chic" or "Glitz and Glamor"
"Classic Elegance" or "Sleek and Contemporary."  
Whether you're having a corporate event or a social celebration, whether it's small or large,
Jim White Designs can make it something truly special.

Table Centerpieces

Centerpieces are called 'center' pieces for a reason... They are the center of attention and make a dramatic contribution to the look of the entire event setting.  So they should be designed with creativity and  flair. 


This collection of photos shows a range of designs varying in both style and price point. These are a small sample of what we could create for you. Centerpieces can be as unique as each person giving the event. We hope these photos will inspire you to form ideas of what look you'd like for your centerpieces. 

Decorating with Fabric

The use of fabric to make celebrations exciting and special is more popular than ever.  Draping fabric can soften the rough edges of a space or heighten its ambiance, enhancing elegance or creating drama. 

This Gallery shows you many options of how fabric can enhance or literally create an event space--any space, indoors or out of doors. We welcome you to imagine how fabric draping  can make your celebration setting unique and special, and still be within your budget. 

Personal Flowers / Bouquets

Some would say that there’s nothing more exciting than planning a wedding. If you’ve just taken your relationship to that next level, then congratulations — it’s time to plan for the big day! At Jim White Designs, we have a variety of floral arrangements that are perfect for your special day. Our Bouquets are designed with your needs in mind, and make for a great addition as you walk down the aisle!


(Chuppahs and Mandaps) 

A decorative canopy is now widely used to create an exquisite focal point for the wedding ceremony--and to serve as a beautiful backdrop for the photography.   And canopies are no longer just for wedding ceremonies. They are often used to highlight buffets, honor tables, displays, or even to create seating areas. 


This  Gallery shows options from rustic structures with simple floral enhancement to magnificent structures draped in layers of fabric and heavily bedecked with flowers and crystals. Peruse our gallery and be inspired to form your own vision of a canopy that reflects your personal taste, style and budget

Decorating with Lighting

Consider how important lighting is in your home, not only for functionality, but also for creating a mood or enhancing a festive ambiance. Now think about your event in terms of lighting. Overhead lighting can be dimmed so sparkling candles will glimmer on the dining tables.  Pin spots  can highlight each centerpiece or focal points within the setting such as buffets, stage, or the wedding cake.  Gelled lighting can change the color of the walls. Lighting can also project all sorts of images onto the walls, the backdrop, or the dance floor--from corporate logos and newlyweds' initials to decorative patterns.


Other specialty lighting techniques include  suspended candle fixtures, crystal chandeliers,  illuminated sparkling beaded drapes, strands of miniature lights or elegant paper lanterns. All for your consideration.


The photos in this gallery will show the various forms of specialty lighting that you could use to add another dimension to your event.

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